9 Reasons Why John Daly Is The Biggest Bada** In Golf

John Daly is one of the very few golfers on Tour that just do not give a single f**k. He will drink his beer, smoke his cigar, and bomb a drive down a fairway sans shirt if he wants to. The Wild Thing has done a lot in his lifetime, on tour and in his personal life.

Daly may not want you to know some of these facts, but they make him who he is and we love him for that.

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1. He turned up at a tournament in 2007 with scratches on his face and claimed his wife had tried to stab him with a steak knife.


2. In 2002 he released a country music with a song called “All My Ex’s Wear Rolexes”. Yes, he can sing.


3. John Daly lost $1.65m in one night in Las Vegas on the slots after winning $750,000 for finishing second to Tiger Woods.


4. He won five times on the PGA Tour but he claimed the 1994 Bell South Classic was the first time he won sober.

Now he likes Diet Coke instead!


5. He doesn’t need a shirt or shoes to be interviewed.


6. At last year’s US PGA at Whistling Straits, he hit three consecutive tee shots into Lake Michigan on the seventh hole, found the green with his fourth attempt and then threw the club into the water.



7. Daly has been promoting Loudmouth Golf clothing since 2009.

He sets up a stall in the car park of the Hooters near the Augusta National Golf Club to sell autographed merchandise every year.


8. Daly signed a $10m endorsement deal with Wilson after winning the 1991 US PGA.

The deal was ripped up after the 1997 Players Championship when he got drunk and trashed his hotel room.


9. Hitting golf balls off of beer cans is a walk in the park for Daly. So why not hit one out of someone mouth in a random parking lot.



John Daly will continue reeking havoc on the Champions Tour, where he won his first tournament at the Insperity Invitational. At age 51 he’s still one of the coolest golfers there is.

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