WATCH: John Daly’s son pays hilarious tribute to his old man

Do you recognise John Daly swing in his son? “Little John” is his dad reincarnated. It’s uncanny the resemblance is. I feel torn between wanting Daly’s personality to be immortalised by his son, and wanting this kid to avoid some of the downers his old man haas faced. John Jr. is attending the Core Golf Academy in Orlando where he shared this video to celebrate his dad turning 50. John Daly’s milestone has brought up some incredible tributes and stories, this conversation with Tiger Woods tells you a lot about both men.

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Like father, like son. Well played, Little John Daly (a.k.a. LJ). (Via golf coach #ErnieFairles of #CoreGolfAcademy)

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John Jr. was of course imitating his dad’s famous party trick with a coke bottle rather than a beer.

John told The Golf Channel that they both have a lot in common: “He’s 12 and what can I say if he’s not playing good? He likes to throw clubs, but how can I give him advice?

“’Don’t be like dad,’ and he sees me whipping one at the PGA. He just laughs about it and I say that’s not good. I shouldn’t have done that but it’s the mentality of how we played.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on junior so you don’t have to.