Fan Violence Threatens Rio Olympics

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Some days, it seems like Brazil is going to hell in a handbasket.

A few days ago, Brazilian icon Rivaldo warned tourists not to come to the Olympics after an innocent 17-year-old girl’s murder.

Now shocking footage has emerged of a fan being beaten into a coma during the closing minutes of Club de Regatas Brasil’s 1-0 victory over bitter rivals Centro Sportivo Alagoano in the final of the Alagoas state championship.

WARNING: this is graphic



Here is the incident as shown on live TV:



more coverage:

Disgusting stuff. When mob mentality takes over, people act like barbarians.

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil was a success, but I don’t know how the Olympics will shake out – between the crime, political unrest, and Zika.

The World Cup took place in many locations all over Brazil, but the Olympics is all happening in Rio. That’s gonna be a LOT of people in one place – I don’t know if the city is ready for that…