John Terry Undecided Over Whether To Be A Pr**k For One More Season

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

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Chelsea captain John Terry is considering a new one-year contract offer from the Blues, after the club caved into peer pressure and offered the man who embodies everything that is wrong with the club, a new deal.

It was believed that Terry had played his last game for the club following his sending off against Sunderland. However, there was talk of the former England defender hiring out Stamford Bridge for him and his friends Donald Trump, Robert Mugabe and others for one final farewell.

Terry, who will celebrate his 36th birthday in December, has long been angling for a new deal, so his reluctance to sign one straight away certainly indicates that the centre-back may well be ready to call time on his arsehole ways.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s bloody fun being a prick.

“Shirt-pulling, sly kicks and insults…look I’ve got goosebumps just talking about it. However, there comes a point where your body won’t allow you to connect as hard with an off-the-ball elbow or  let you think up fresh insults.

“I’m not saying my body is there yet; I’ve definitely got another 12-months in me. However, I’m sceptical at committing myself to Chelsea again given the way they’ve treated me.

“I know we are perfect for one another, seeing as we are both vile to the core. But I deserve better, so we shall see.”

John Terry