WATCH: The Most Expensive Trick Shot Fail Ever

Whoops. Trick shot fail #trickshot #fail #golf

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This is probably the worst thing that can happen when you’re trying out a new trick shot. Not only are your efforts deemed a trick shot fail but you also broke your club, which you kind of need.

This guy broke his club in two and probably won’t be able to get it back since he hit it straight into the lake. Anyone who plays the game knows that clubs do not come cheap and unlike professionals who can break their clubs anytime they’d like, us mere mortals have to pay for that sh*t.

Trick shots can be awesome but they can also be expensive. Here’s one of our own women with drive breaking clubs like a boss.


I hope this woman has an extra set of clubs..


We can’t all be like Rory McIlroy and throw our clubs when we get angry. He’ll just get a brand new set from Nike, we will be using whatever’s left in our bag.


Basically, trick shots can be expensive, but definitely don’t stop doing them.

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