The Star Wars Golf Gear That Will Make Your Cart-ner Jealous

May The 4th Be With You

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Happy Star Wars Day fellow nerds and golfers alike. Everything you might want to celebrate this magical day with is below. Beware, for the force is strong with this one..


The whole gang is here


What better way to celebrate than with having the whole cast there with you on the course! Granted this probably took some time to draw on but if you have a black sharpie the storm trooper shouldn’t be too hard!


Which side are you on?


Choose which side you’re on by the head covers you have in your bag! Yoda seems like the wise choice to go with on this one.

Do or do not, there is no try.


Whether you choose the light or the dark, these bags are sick. If you’re a true nerd you wouldn’t want to be carrying anything else on your back.


No. I am your father.


I mean come on. This will be the coolest club in your bag, and anyone else’s bag. You’ll get some serious club envy with this one.


May the force be with you..


You’ve never wanted to get your clubs as dirty as you do with this towel in your possession. Getting out of the sand will be a cake walk with the force behind you!


The force is strong with this one.. or two or three..


Happy May 4th!

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