PGA TOUR players: “Have you ever gone on a date with a woman you met at a tournament?”

Sports Illustrated polled 150 players and asked them a string of questions they would never answer publicly.

1. Will Tiger Woods win another PGA Tour event?

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The responses to this question were clearly affected by respect for the 14-time major winner. Words heard during the process: “I’m optimistic, but running out of reasons.” 72% of professionals on the senior tour thought Tiger could win again, showing that the G.O.A.T’s influence is still present for many of the older guys.

2. Going forward who will win more Majors: Rory or Jordan?

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Not surprised to see this outcome. The seniors were in agreement that whilst Rory was the more talented, Jordan had the mentality to collect more major championships. The support for Rickie Fowler was expressed by many respondents who felt he could be the next millennial to win the big time.

3. Have you ever gone on a date with a woman you met at a tournament?

29% admitted they had been on a date with a woman who approached them at a tournament.* The results for the seniors was vastly different, just 57% said they had never dated within this context. That’s a large number when you consider the normality of early marriage in professional golf.

*These readings excluded research gathered during Tiger Woods’ tenure.


4. If there was a bar fight who would you want to have your back?

PGA TOUR Responses:

  • Ernie Els 15% – Big dude with a deceptively relaxed persona.
  • Keegan Bradley 9% – Proof that you need to be tough to pull off the slowest pre-shot routine in golf.
  • Ángel Cabrera 7% – Married at 14, smokes on every hole…Argentinian badass.
  • Pat Perez 5% – More likely to get you into a fight than out of one.
  • Brooks Koepka 4% – Big unit!
  • No one out here 18%
  • Others 42%

Sports Illustrated noted that a number of players referenced stories involving Ernie looking after people at the bar. When you’re 6’3″ and 210 pounds it’s not difficult to see why golfers look at him as an enforcer. If his punch is anything like his golf swing it will be fluid and powerful.

5. Does the caddie deserve 10% of a winner’s check?

Yes 67%
No 33%


Yes 76%
No 12%
Don’t know 12%

6. Who would make a better Ryder Cup captain, Tiger or Phil?

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Loose words recorded during the question were along the lines of: “I want to play for Tiger. Phil, not so much.”