Jordan Spieth Has Had Enough Of Old Ladies Praying For Him

Jordan Spieth Reflects On His Masters Choke

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Jordan Spieth seemed like a shoe-in for the green jacket going into the last day of the major with a five shot lead. All of that changed because of one hole that got the best of him.

It ended up with Jordan literally handing over the win to Danny Willett in one of the most awkward jacket ceremonies ever. While Spieth’s collapse was heartbreaking to watch, imagine how he felt.

Although a lot of us may not be over his meltdown, it sounds like he’s not taking it as hard as you’d expect.

‘I’m not taking it very hard. I’ve got ladies at the grocery stores putting their hand on me and going, “Really praying for you; how are you doing?” I’m like, “My dog didn’t die. I’ll be OK. I’ll survive.” It happens.’

Looks like everyone else is taking it harder than the 22-year-old is. His meltdown was the worst one in years, but other professionals have gone through the same thing (cough Greg Norman cough). It’s more common than you think and Jordan is finally coming to terms with that.

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‘It was just bad timing on the wrong hole,’ Spieth said. ‘And you know, it is what it is, and I’ll move on. If you’re in contention at a major, hopefully 50-plus times in your career, something like that is bound to happen. Just don’t let it happen again.’

Spieth is only at the beginning of his career and he will have numerous opportunities to make up for this loss. He’ll learn from it and never let it happen again. Thankfully he got to let loose in the Bahamas for a bit, reflect, and be back at it for the Players Championship.


Spieth don’t need our sympathies. If he’s over it, you should be too.

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