Marcus Rashford’s Diary Has Been Leaked On The Internet

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

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Roy Hodgson has stopped short of saying that he’s included Marcus Rashford in his provisional England squad for Euro 2016 just to wind us all up. However, we all know that’s why the Manchester United striker is there.

Following the forward’s shock inclusion, we’ve managed to get hold of Rashford’s diary and here’s what the uncapped Englishman wrote the day Roy Hodgson told him he was potentially part of his plans for France.

May 15th 2016

Sick one, cuz ? I may well be going France with ma boiz Dele and Raheem.

Just spoke to Hodge-Podge and he said that if I played for anyone other than Manchester United then I wouldn’t have made the squad. But that doesn’t bother me; I’m just buzzing to be included because Wazza Roo bet me to swap our cars that I wouldn’t make the squad.

That’ll teach that potato to doubt me. Have fun having my mum drive you to training, Wayne, because I don’t actually own a car yet *that reminds me, I’ve got my theory test next week. Ninth time lucky and all that*.

Would be quality to go to France and try french fries and other foods like that. Not snails, though, they’re grim – I remember when my mate Bobo from school ate one in the playground for £4.32 and a kiss on the lips from Cindy Weston. He threw up and said it tasted like camel dick – don’t know if he was talking about the snail or the kiss, though.

I’d also be well nervous but Roy has told me not to be and he has faith in my ability. I got a bit pissed off when he told me I reminded him of someone he had when he was at Blackburn Rovers – think he said his name was Chris Sutton or something like that. Really wanted to tell him to “fuck off” because I’d never heard of him but I bit me tongue.

Hope I get to room with Sterling and Alli. Had a sleepover round Dele’s the other night and we didn’t go to bed until 11pm and all we did was play FIFA, Call Of Duty and eat Haribo lol.

Bet Hodge-Podge will put me with someone like James Milner, though?Joe Hart told this story once, where Milner cornered him on a team night out and spent over an hour discussing what colour teapot he should buy for his new house.

Right, until tomorrow, geezer; I’m off to Wilf Zaha’s, he’s got a free house and has invited Moyes’ daughter and her friends over for spin the bottle?.