WATCH: P1 Meteos Secures A Stylish Quadra As Inori Sits On The Bench

Since joining Phoenix1, former Cloud9 Jungler William “Meteos” Hartman has turned back the clock on his professional eSports career. Stepping in initially as an emergency substitute for Rami “Inori” Charagh – who was missing in action on account of personal issues – Meteos was not expected to cement his spot on a permanent basis. As the starter for the majority of P1’s matches, the ‘Superstar Jungler’ proved his worth once again vs Immortals, boasting an impressive quadra kill on his signature champion, Zac.

Game two of the series between Phoenix1 and Immortals was hanging delicately in the balance. After stomping the first game P1 were looking to continue their climb to the top of the standings, cementing their position as title contenders ahead of the pivotal clash with Team SoloMid in Week 9. Having established a slight lead, one clean fight would ultimately decide the fate of the game and subsequently the series. Stepping up to the plate, Meteos demonstrated exactly why he’s so highly valued by the current roster.


Initially it seemed that the choice to drop Inori in favour of Meteos was short-sighted; focussing on immediate results as opposed to the long-term potential of the team. But as the split has developed, the newly titled Darth Memeos is demonstrating he still has what it takes to push Phoenix1 towards the league’s summit.

It’s been a while since Inori has seen consistent play on the NA LCS stage; one month on from his return home to see family in Canada, one of last season’s most impressive rookies is unable to re-establish himself in the starting roster. With Phoenix1 now in a solid 3rd place spot and looking to finish the season in 2nd, it seems unlikely that Phoenix1 will sub back in Inori for the remaining week, though perhaps he will see play as part of a best-0f-5 strategy in the playoffs.

Whilst many fans considered the removal of Adrian to be a sign that Inori was making a return, new Support William “Stunt” Chen can simply be considered to be an upgrade, synergising excellently with Phoenix1’s very own Sith Lord.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The statistics speak for themselves: Phoenix1’s record pre-Meteos was 4-4, post-Meteos the roster have recorded a staggering seven wins and only lost one series. Whilst Inori can still be considered to be an extremely strong rookie, Meteos has surprised everybody with how well he has gelled into the roster.

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