Manchester United’s Final Home Game Evacuated Biggest F— Up Ever

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


Manchester United’s final home game of the Premier League season was abandoned in a panic after stadium security discovered a pipe bomb in one of the bathrooms just minutes before kickoff.

Old Trafford, Manchester United’s famed home ground, was evacuated about 15 before kickoff against Bournemouth was scheduled.


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In what appears to be a HUGE fuckup, the device turned out to be a “replica bomb” accidentally left in the bathroom by a private security firm after a training exercise several days before the match.

Today, this guy was paraded in front of cameras to take responsibility and fall on the sword:



I think he receives messages directly from God on that Bluetooth on how to cause fuckups of biblical proportions.

I mean what kind of security “expert” leaves behind a PIPE BOMB? Is this who you want making sure you’re “safe” from “terrorists” – a hapless asshat too busy eating off people’s manufactured fears to keep track of his pipe bombs?

This illustrates what a farce the “War on Terror” has become: an opportunity greedy corporations to fleece taxpayers under the guise of national security.

I’m not saying that a threat doesn’t exist. There are definitely people who wish death upon soccer fans and the Western world at large. Look at what happened to those poor Real Madrid fans in Iraq last week.

But to throw untold billions into the endless pit that is our (inter)national security apparatus without a plan, goals, or oversight is the height of stupidity.


That guy’s company probably got paid an absurd amount of money to conduct that training exercise. And what do they do? Accidentally leave a pipe bomb in the bathroom and ruin the game for everyone – the very thing that they were supposed to make sure goes off without a hitch.

There’s no communication between the government, quasi-government, and private agencies that have been tasked with – or won the contract to – “protect” us.

It’s a shakedown. Simple as that.