Top 5 Premier League Goals Of The 2015/2016 Season

benteke fb thum

Now that the Premier League season has wrapped up, let’s take a look at the top 5 goals from the 2015/2016 season.


Honorable Mention: Benteke Bicycle Kick vs. Machester United



Sometimes you gotta invert yourself. Look at the pace he gets on this beauty. Incredible. Couldn’t leave him off the list.


5. Hazard Strikes Death Blow vs. Tottenham



Hazard gets bonus points for this goal being the highlight of the year’s most exciting game. His goal sealed the deal on Leicester’s historic season and guaranteed first place for the Foxes.


4. Payet Freekick vs. West Ham



You can’t strike the ball any better than Dimitri Payet did here.¬†He’s clearly been playing a lot of FIFA ’16.

3. Vardy Volley vs. Liverpool



Jamie Vardy marches to the beat of his own drum. Don’t ever tell him he can’t score a volley from 35 yards out.


2. Countinho Cruise Missile vs. Liverpool



Coutinho launched this ICBM from a good 40 yards out. He might be Brazil’s second most entertaining¬†player after Neymar.


1. Delle Alli Spin Cycle vs. Crystal Palace



This one will make Dele Alli’s highlight reel forever. This is where he became a man.


Was Dele Alli’s goal the best goal of the season?