Rory McIlroy Received The Most Bada** Gift From Quail Hollow

Rory McIlroy now has a bald eagle named after him. Yes, you heard that correctly. A golf course gave the four-time major winner one of the classiest gifts there is.

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Quail Hollow, the course where the Wells Fargo Championship resides, decided to name their third rehabilitated bald eagle after Rory McIlroy. McIlroy is the only two-time winner of the tournament, and therefore the course thought this was the perfect way to commemorate his acheivements.

“Rory” the bald eagle was released back into the wild on March 31st after recovering from a broken wing, lead poisoning and emaciation.


“It’s cool. This is a place with great memories for me since 2010. It’s always nice to have your name on the board here as champion and now it’s nice to have something outside as well.” -Rory McIlroy

No plaque, no trophy, just another avid fan watching over him.

McIlroy and Rickie Fowler both got their first PGA Tour wins at Quail Hollow. It’s also where they both found their love for longer hair. The flow is so hard in this picture.

Rory is back at Quail Hollow this week for the Wells Fargo Championship. He is currently sitting at one over par T85th, but it’s only the first day. He made up for it with this amazing shot on the 6th hole to make birdie.


He almost made an eagle, but he already has one of those. Get it? Because he had an eagle named after him? Yeah ok.

Well hopefully Rory can channel whatever momentum he has left and soar into contention for the weekend. I have a feeling it won’t be too hard for him since he’s done it twice before.

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