WATCH: Pepe Gives Away The Most Ridiculous Penalty Ever

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 16.09.19

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FIFA’s graphic have reached a point where it can look like a real game is being played out on your television. However, the realism of the gameplay has always left a lot to be desired with goalkeeping mistakes, rigid crossing structure and perfectly-timed tackles resulting in fouls.

Now and then, though, the video game throws up something so lifelike it’s scary. For example, you might see Theo Walcott tripping over his own feet or Dimitri Payer scoring the most absurd free-kick. Or, even better, you might see Real Madrid’s Pepe concede a penalty to the most ‘Pepe’ style challenge ever.

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FIFA glitches are part of the reason we all love the game so much. So whilst you’re here, sit back and enjoy this hilarious compilation – our favourite is the Goal-Line Technology fail!