In Pictures: The 10 Most Overrated Players In The NA LCS

North America is a land of celebrity and legend, especially when it comes to sport. Often your legendary status can continue to grow long after your skill has faded, and League of Legends eSports is no different. Whether perceiving skill purely from big plays, past results, or fan-friendly personalities, fans can often overrate a player more than their skill genuinely merits.

When a player has their best playing days behind them, it is innate that a fanbase will hold on to what they used to be, instead of what they have become. This phenomenon can lead to skewed perceptions and false evaluations of player performance, overrating the value they bring to a team. With memories of glory for fan favorites of Cloud9, Team SoloMid, and others ringing continually ringing in their ears, it’s hard to cut through their past to see clearly the present.

Many players burst on to the scene or have a fantastic start to a split, only to watch their performance fade as the season progresses. While they may struggle, fans commonly fail to separate their late season performances from their early impressions. As the Spring Split comes to a close, here are the list of players fans may be overrating…

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