The 5-Point Plan To Help Football Fans Survive The Transfer Window

Don’t Base Your Opinion On A Player You’re Linked With On Their YouTube Montage

Everyone looks great in a three-minute compilation of their best bits. Yes, even Nicklas ‘The Lord’ Bendtner.

Ignore All Social Media Accounts Looking For Their Five Minutes Of Fame

Don’t be sucked in by those tragic, attention-seeking Twitter accounts that ‘know’ someone at your club and have been told that so-and-so is close to joining.

This chap once admitted he made up Yann M’Vila was coming to Arsenal…

Don’t Get Annoyed By Transfer Fees

Does it really impact on you, in any way, that Manchester United spent £25million on Memphis Depay? Sure, you can bemoan the signing and their lack of impact. But the price tag really is neither here nor there, especially the way the footballing world spends money.

Refrain From Making Outlandish Statements On How New Signings Will Cope

In nine-months time, your Twitter notifications will go through the roof.

Don’t Pretend That Your Rivals Signing Someone Quality Isn’t A Good Thing For Them

You’ll end up looking like a twat.