Liverpool Players Reject ‘Good Luck’ Cake Made By Sakho

Source: Goal
Source: Goal

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Ahead of tonight’s Europa League Final against Sevilla, banned Liverpool defender, Mamadou Sakho, wanted to make amends for his recent drug ban by making his team-mates a ‘Good Luck’ cake.

A dressing room insider has revealed that the situation got a little bit awkward when the Frenchman arrived with the four-tier cake and found everyone reluctant to dig in to the sweet treat.

Well, everyone apart from Kolo Toure who, by the sounds of things, isn’t too fond of cutlery and plates, and was scooping up chunks of the cake with his hands.

“I’ve never seen a man so happy.

“Toure was jumping about, with a mouthful of cake, and chanting: “Kolo, Kolo, Kolo, Kolo, Kolo, Kolo Toureeeee”.

“A lot of the guys said they would have some after the game. But were clearly put off by the white ‘mini eggs’ on top of the cake.

“Rather strangely, Sakho refused to have a slice of his own creation, stating that ‘he was watching his weight’.

“Sakho also told Toure to thank his wife for the recipe before leaving the dressing room.”

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