Golfer Hits Ball Off Of Fan’s Face Into A Shoe During Playoff

Roberto Castro had one of the most amazing bogey’s of his life during the playoff against James Hahn at the Wells Fargo Champ this weekend. You might not put amazing and bogey together in the same sentence but it absolutely applies to these turn of events.

Castro and Hahn went into a playoff round Sunday at Quail Hollow. They traveled back to the 18th tee, where Hahn found the fairway and Castro found the creek the left of it. Roberto had a difficult next shot with his dropped ball on a hill above his feet. He ended up hitting the ball over the green into the crowd, but Castro didn’t know what he was getting into until he got there.

This is what he saw:


His ball had bounced off of a spectators face and landed into another’s leather loafer. Not only do those loafers STINK, but now Castro had to play his next shot from someone’s shoe. Not ideal indeed.

But this is professional golf people and so Castro went on to make up-and-down from the loafer. Best bogey ever. Granted James Hahn made par and ended up winning the tournament, but Castro had an amazing run while adding a bit of flare to a playoff hole. 

Making up-and-down from a shoe should be called a shoe-in. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.. especially in golf.

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