PGA Player Tweets The Perfect Response To Getting DQ’d From Tournament

PGA Tour player Zac Blair didn’t make it past the first day of the Wells Fargo Champ before getting disqualified from the tournament.

Blair missed a birdie putt on the fifth hole and decided it was a good idea to hit his putter against his head. That’s not what got him disqualified though. What did was him using the bent putter to finish off a putt on a different hole.

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He ended up turning himself in after realizing what he had done and then tweeted this perfect response to the whole ordeal.


The gif is of Woody Austin, who hit himself in the head at Hilton Head in 1997. Unfortunately there’s no video of Blair doing it, so he got the next best thing. It’s always nice when someone can laugh at themselves, even in such a situation that he could have easily prevented.

Using a bent putter isn’t the only rule on Tour that seems a bit ridiculous. Thankfully the USGA has realized that there is definitely (a lot) of room for improvement. They recently announced some rule changes, including these few:

Blair also replied to a tweet by a Shooter McGavin account as well, after the account called him a psycho. Because Shooter McGavin has never gone crazy on the golf course before, pfff.


Don’t worry though, Blair went to the guys at Titleist right after the ordeal, making sure his putter was as back in conforming shape.

Hopefully he’ll go in to the next tournament with a more level head. Maybe that way his club won’t bend when he hits it there the next time around. Zing.

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