WATCH: The horrific golf cart incident that cost this guy dearly

@Dewey_Doesn’t_Surf is our kind of golfer. Donovan and his mates let a few weekend libations get the better of them and we’re all the beneficiaries. With the type of hubris that makes beer and golf such a potent combination, they attempted a classic golf cart 360 – I mean what else are those steep grassy mounds for?

Spare a moment for the poor lad’s grandpa, his clubs got torn a new one. His profile does say: “life is all about learning lessons,” lets hope he doesn’t learn any for our sakes, his profile is way too entertaining.

With summer season well and truly rolling we can expect to see a few people let the excitement get the better of them:

Remember to be careful..


Even if it can be awesome…

When you’ve played too much mario kart before a round ???? #golfgods #golfcart #mariokart

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