WATCH: Michael Owen Has Just Said His Most Ridiculous Comment Ever

Source: Getty
Source: Getty

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In a week where people were asking whether Louis Theroux should be deemed a ‘national treasure’, it’s safe to say that Michael Owen will never be anything more than a national laughing stock.

Owen’s decline from one of England’s finest ever strikers and Ballon d’Or winner to commentating buffoon, is tragically impressive; he will never be remembered for that hat-trick against Germany.

At times during Owen’s commentating career, I’ve always wondered whether the former Real Madrid striker is aware just how dull and out of touch he is. However, I no longer have to wonder, as the latest Owen ‘wtf you on about, mate?’ moment proved just how oblivious he is and his lack of understanding.

Liverpool, who have finished 8th in the Premier League, had just lost the Europa League Final to Sevilla – who have now won it five times in 10 years – following one of the most abject second-half performances of the season.

Cue Michael Owen entering stage with some peak-Anfield fuelled delusion.

I mean, come on, geez; Liverpool finished below Southampton, Leicester City and West Ham. And that’s before you even mention the genuine big Premier League clubs.