WATCH: Gervinho Scores A Wonder Goal Messi Would Be Proud Of


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It’s ok, there’s no need to rub your eyes, you haven’t accidentally drank moonshine – you did just witness Gervinho scoring a goal Lionel Messi would be proud of.

It’s fair to say that Gervinho’s spell at Arsenal left a somewhat sour taste in the mouth. Watching the meticulous build-up play around the edge of the box, you knew somehow the ball would find its way at the Ivorian’s feet… and then he’d kick his own shin or something seemingly unfeasible.

Gervinho has earned his place in the Arsenal Hall of Infamy as one of the single most frustrating figures the club as ever purchased.

His playing style left Gunners fans tearing their hair out to the point that they closely resembled the man in question.


Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


All of these factors combined leave Arsenal fans understandably bewildered when they witness his amazing solo goal in the video above.

Gathering the ball just inside the opposing half without tripping over, Gervinho actually goes past one opponent, remembers to take the ball with him and leaves the man in the dirt questioning his life choices.

Then approaching the final defender, Gervinho holds back the nosebleed he’s so used to getting in this position, knocks the ball one side before running round the other in classic schoolyard fashion. Time seems to slow down as the world braces itself for a rift in the space-time continuum, before all laws of logic in the universe are shattered as Gervinho slots the ball home.

Some blame pollution for global warming, but the well informed know that it’s Gervinho who is destablising the balance of the planet – just take a look at this:




Once the torturer of Arsenal fans, Gervinho is now the stuff of nightmare for opposition defenders, with this stunning solo strike coming after he ran almost the full length of the pitch.

There can be no hiding from it, the Ivory Coast forward has since been in top form during spells with AS Roma and now Hebei China Fortune of the Chinese Super League – the apocalypse must be nigh.