Jordan Spieth Shuts Down A Journalist’s Dumb Question


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No one will forget Jordan Spieth’s Masters choke but everyone will eventually move on. It seems like he has and he thinks he has nothing to prove.

When you think about it he won the Masters at 21 and was runner up the year after, breaking records and winning many other tournaments along the way. At 22 most people have no idea what they’re doing with their life, and Jordan Spieth is already a household name. One loss doesn’t mean sh*t, no matter how big of a choke it was. It’s sad more than anything but he’s only 22!!


The way people reacted to his loss was as if his dog died, which he hated. This is not some sob story where Spieth needs your sympathy, he messed up and he’s going to mess up again. It’s all apart of the game of golf, you fail and then you pick yourself back up again and fail again until you don’t!

This reminds me of a scene from a recent Game of Thrones Episode. I apologize if you haven’t seen it yet. SPOILERS BELOW:

Davos always knows the right thing to say. I wonder if Spieth’s caddie said something similar to him? Either way, Jordan Spieth will fight until he can’t swing a club anymore and even then, this one masters blip will have only been a stepping stone to more success.

No, Jordan Spieth does not need to prove anything to anyone.

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