Ernie Els’ “terminal illness” is in remission at The Players

Ernie Els was diagnosed with a very serious condition after his six putt at this year’s Masters. Big Ern was mocked and pitied in equal measure following this tragic display, he is a consummate professional who admitted the whole incident had been deeply embarrassing.

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The South African’s response was one of a true champion; he shot 73 during his second round at Augusta, and whilst it wasn’t enough to make the weekend, it showed the type of pride that makes the big easy one of the most popular men on tour. Did I mention the scoring average that day was 77!?

As anyone who has struggled with the putter will tell you, “the yips” are no laughing matter. An interesting article analyzed the brain’s influence on the putting stoke and suggested that scientifically speaking there is no such thing as “muscle memory”, there is just memory. It’s all about your brain’s ability to consistently send messages to the parts of your anatomy that execute a function. Pssst – research talks about anxiety and erectile disfunction in the same article – you don’t get a boner because of “muscle memory”, you get those because…thats enough.

Watching Ernie shoot -5 during his front nine felt really good. He slotted 4 birdies and an Eagle with a hot putter that seemed to dispel any suggestion he is still struggling.

Ernie can still go places in golf, he’s hit 80% of fairways so far at an average of 290 off the tee…come on big guy, you’re ball striking is still top 25 material. The Big Easy finishes with a birdie to post a 66, one behind the clubhouse lead.

Guess who is about to tee it up…