Pascal Dupraz’s Powerful Pregame Speech Will Give You Goosebumps

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Pascal Dupraz is one hell of a motivator. With his squad, Toulouse FC, facing relegation on the last day of the French Ligue 1 season, he delivered a speech for the ages to his team.

And it worked. Despite falling behind on two separate occasions, Toulouse FC beat Angers 3-2, staving off relegation and guaranteeing themselves another year of top flight football in France.

You don’t have to speak French to feel his words reverberate inside of your bones.





Truly moving stuff.

It’s written all over the players; their faces awash in emotion as their coach speaks from the heart. Pascal ain’t talkin no bullshit. He’s speaking the truth.

Here’s the performance his team delivered after that rousing pregame speech:



I’d be lying if I said that I follow the bottom of the table of Ligue 1. Paris Saint-Germain has transformed the French league to a curious novelty where strange, quasi-exotic teams fight for the grand prize: second place, while PSG lords over the competition like Tywin Lannister.

But Pascal Drupaz has become quite the ambassador for a league that I had written off as tertiary.

Maybe Ligue 1 is worth a gander after all.