World’s Biggest Football Manager Fan Has Outdone Himself Here

Source: Steam Powered
Source: Steam Powered

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Football Manager, otherwise known as the destroyer of university degrees, has given plenty of us hours and hours of joy, success and heartbreak.

It has many of us concluding that this managerial malarkey is easy, and that the likes of Pep Guardiola, Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho get too much praise.

Could Sir Alex guide Cheltenham Town to Champions League success? Would Pep have been as successful as he was at Barcelona if he was gaffer of Sevilla? Perhaps we can see if Jose really is the (not so) Special One if the former Chelsea manager took over VfB Stuttgart?

Because such achievements are the ones that separate the ‘men from the boys’ when it comes to managerial calibre.

Take a bow, chaps ???