Luis Suarez Credits Ex-Liverpool Man With His Meteoric Rise

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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Luis Suarez is a different breed; an unbelievable talent.

The striker was phenomenal during his final season with Liverpool, however, he’s reached the next level since his move to Barcelona – suppose that happens when you go from playing with Iago Aspas and Joe Allen to Neymar and Lionel Messi.

Ahead of Brendan Rodgers’ move to Celtic, the Uruguayan forward has been speaking about his former gaffer – don’t worry, though, we’ve picked up on the hidden messages behind his comments.

“I am glad he has taken his time since leaving Liverpool. He should only be looking at the top jobs, with the top clubs, who will be playing Champions League football.”

Translation: The world of football management is a better place without Rodgers in it.

“If it was not for Brendan, then I know I would not be the same player that you see at Barcelona today.

“Such a big part of my education is down to him and his management.”

Translation: Basically, everything he ‘taught’ me, I just did that opposite. So I suppose he played a big part in my development.

“Of course he works to make the team stronger but he really works on a one to one level with the players.”

Translation: Rodgers invited me round his house for dinner once. It was so weird. Just me and him. I remember in particular this one canvas he had. All by itself in a room, nothing else in there. It was Brendan wearing nothing but a tiger rug, lying in front of the gates to heaven. I tried looking away but it was through morbid curiosity that I just couldn’t.

“He will sit down with each player at the club, and work on where you can improve, where you can exploit opposition, he leaves nothing to chance.

Translation:  He honestly doesn’t have a bloody clue.

“He is a very intelligent man. If the players at his next club listen to his words, they will become better players for sure.”

Translation:  Avoid all his advice and you’ll go far.