Football Fans Already Annoying Their Families By Being At Home

Source: Shutter Stock
Source: Shutter Stock

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The Premier League season may have only ended on Tuesday night, however, football fans up and down the country are already annoying their families and partners, respectively.

“I can’t wait for our Steve to not be under our feet at weekends.

“He’s started offering to help around the house now he’s here at weekends. However, the other day, he went shopping and bought 40 packs of DairyLea triangles, 24-multipack of pork scratchings and 12 bottles of mouthwash. And nothing else.”

Theresa Stevens, long-term wife of a Everton fan


It’s 84 days until the Premier League action returns, and football fans will no longer see their loved ones between 9am Saturday and 7pm Sunday. Until then, though, they will continue to hinder the smooth running of their homes, bring down the general mood within their household and ‘clutter’ up the place.


“It was so embarrassing. Dave was meeting my parents for the first time, and whilst my mum was talking to him about their holiday, Dave began organising the condiments into a 4-4-2 formation.”

Paul Oscarton, partner to an Aston season ticket holder