Watch: Rickie Fowler Predicts The 17th Hole Outcome From The Sidelines

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Even though Rickie Fowler didn’t make the cut this weekend, he still has some fun on the sidelines.

Fowler wanted to see how it felt for his balls to hit water, since he is such a pro at the 17th hole and rarely misses the green. So he jumped into a pool.. with his clothes on. Everything Rickie Fowler does just makes golf that much better. He misses the cut at a defending tournament and still goofs off with friends and enjoys life, instead of sulking around and being mad at himself. Rickie is great on and off the course.

Lets just say that this is Rickie’s prediction and that 2 balls will go into the water around 17 today. Yesterday was so difficult that 17 balls went into the water, so they should have to make it fair today.

Source: PGA Tour Twitter
Source: PGA Tour Twitter


How many balls do you think will go in the water?

How many balls do you think will go into the water on 17 today?

2-5 Balls

Player implodes on the 17th hole, hitting three balls into the water

6-10 Balls

17+ Balls

SEE ALSO: Player implodes on the 17th, hits three balls into the water