WATCH: Ecuadorian Team Suffer Second Biggest Defeat In Football History

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Remember the name Ronny Medina!

Or, you know, don’t, because scoring 18 goals in one game in the third division of Ecuadorian football isn’t *that* hard, you’d imagine.

Still, though, the Sporting Club striker can still tell his grandkids about his role in the second biggest mauling football ever did see.

Sporting ran out 44-1 winners against fellow Ecuadorian outfit, Indi Native, with the above video not looking out of place in the ‘Gang Bang’ section on YouPorn (I’ve heard there’s a section called that through a friend, I personally don’t have a clue?).

Our favourite thing about the whole story is the fact that, at some point during the game, Indi Native scored. Was it a late consolation? An equaliser? Did they take the lead? The mentality to score one and yet concede 44 is nothing short of commendable. We salute you, Indi Native.