NicoThePico Shown To The Exit As Fnatic Finally Come To Their Senses

It took nine weeks longer than most Fnatic fans would’ve liked, but the organisation has finally parted ways with Head Coach, Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård. After a catastrophic EU LCS Spring Split, featuring a number of even-more disastrous team compositions, the heavyweight European organisation has finally acted to relieve their coach of his duties. The question remains however, as to why it took the Fnatic management quite so long to open their eyes and take note of the obvious course of action fans have been calling for all split.

Following the inharmonious departure of Luis “Deilor” Sevilla, Fnatic opted to employ the services of former Origen coach Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård. Towards the end of his tenure, Deilor was frequently criticised for his sub-standard team compositions, though the arrival of Nico ultimately did little to resolve these issues. Fnatic’s curious drafts have left analysts scratching their heads and fans face-palming time and time again:

In Action: The Very Worst Of Fnatic’s Drafts Under NicoThePico

“After joining Fnatic at the end of Summer Split 2016, I got the chance to build a new roster together with the FNC management for the upcoming season.

“As I have been unable to provide the needed remedy, I feel that someone else with an outside perspective on the team and its issues, in both draft and gameplay, might be a better solution than what I was able to provide.

“I’ve decided to step down as Head Coach of FNC effective immediately.”

Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård

The change has come far too late for the Spring Split iteration of the Fnatic roster to have any significant impact. The best fans can hope for is that the period around MSI serves as a more successful transition period for the organisation. With Finlay “Quaye” Stewart stepping in as Interim Head Coach for the remainder of the split, Fnatic will be hopeful to still reach the playoffs… before they get 3-0’d by H2K-Gaming once more.

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