BREAKING: Phil Mickelson Is No Longer A Criminal

Jessica Ebelhar/Las Vegas Review-Journal and Jeff Haynes/Reuters


Phil Mickelson has not been criminally charged by the SEC (securities and exchange commission) for allegedly profiting off an insider stock tip to repay a debt.

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Mickelson made $931,000 in 2012 after purchasing stock on an insider trading tip from noted sports gambler Billy Walters, who he was trying to repay. The SEC has dropped the charges on Mickelson because he has agreed to give back the money. Walters has been arrested for the insider trading instead of Phil.

In light of this news I wondered what other golfers have had a run in with the law.. these are their stories: DUN DUN.

John Daly


John Daly was arrested after drunkenly passing out at a Hooter’s. He was carted off to a hospital and spent a night in custody before being released. Not very surprised about this one.


Dustin Johnson


Dustin Johnson was arrested for drinking under the influence. He later made a public apology, saying he had made a huge mistake and it wouldn’t happen again. All for the image people.


Shooter McGavin


Christopher McDonald, or better known as Shooter McGavin, was arrested for a DUI as well. Unlike Dustin, he did not make a public statement because he DGAF and it happens all the time in Hollywood. Way to go Shooter.


Have I missed any?

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