Man United Fans Currently Deleting Old Anti-Mourinho Tweets

Manchester United fans have taken to the streets with pompoms to celebrate the announcement of Jose Mourinho as their new manager.

The Red Devils fanbase are currently putting together a petition to make today a national Bank Holiday, as they pretend that they’ve always liked the former Chelsea manager and have a penchant for eye gouging.

As the United fans took to social media to welcome the guy they’ll end up hating in a season or two, many were scrolling through their timelines removing any anti-Jose tweets they’d previously sent.

“Look, we all make mistakes. And if I’m truly honest with myself, when I tweeted: “Jose is such a fkin prik” it was just harmful banter.

“I like to think Mourinho knew that, too.”

Twitter User @RedDevilzTiliDye

Manchester United fans have stopped short of saying ‘Jose is one of their own’ but early reports suggest that a ‘Jose Luvz United 4lyf’ Facebook page is currently being setup with the only hold up deciding on who should be page admin.

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