You Won’t Believe What Rory McIlroy Did With His $750K Irish Open Winnings

Rory McIlroy has donated his entire Irish Open winnings to charity.

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This is the first time Rory McIlroy has won the Irish Open and one of very few times a golfer has donated their full earnings. For Rory this was an extremely special moment, a moment full of pride and chills, and he decided to share it with people who would truly benefit from it. The foundation he donated his check to is dedicated the lives of sick and disadvantaged kids. Even fellow golfer Rickie Fowler appreciated the gesture.

McIlroy’s involvement in the event significantly raised the purse from €2.5 to €4 million euro. After the round he said he knew the money he had raised had contributed to his emotional win at his home event.

“It all just sort of hit me. I had a little bit of time on the green when Russell and Danny were finishing out, and I was trying to hold back the tears then. You know, golf-wise this week, it’s obviously very important to me but the work that we’ve put into this tournament and the work that we’ve put into the foundation, and the people that we are going help from this week.”

“I mean, we’ve already raised over half a million Euros going into today for the three chosen charities, and then all the winnings go towards that, as well, so we’ve broken the million Euro mark this week, which is absolutely incredible. I don’t usually get emotional about golf or about wins, but this one, it means just a little bit more, because it’s not just for myself. It’s for a lot of other people. Yeah, it’s a day I’ll not forget for awhile.”

To see a golfer be so selfless in such a personal moment is inspiring. And not just any golfer, Rory McIlroy. I hope people remember him for this above all else.

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