WATCH: This Is The Most Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thing Ever

Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes Cristiano Ronaldo seem like a shy, insecure and reserved character, such is the bravado of the Swedish striker.

It is that arrogance, though, that makes Ibra the iconic footballer that he is. It makes him capable of moments such as the overhead kick against England, the ridiculous mazy run and finish during his early Ajax days but also the various training ground scrapes.

The former AC Milan striker knows what he is, we know what he is and that is why we adore him – adore him in the way that the cheeky little shit in class is; we all know he’s a prick but we can’t help but have a soft spot for him.

Zlatan’s latest ‘I get paid more than you’ll your life for doing this one advert’ is quality watch. It offers a great insight into the current free agent’s mentality and showcases his desire to achieve everything he possible can.

We doubt he packs and folds his own Sweden kit, though?.

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