Team Dignitas Unveil New Look Roster After Losing Grip On The Danish Region

Alex Geenty

After many attempts to produce a top tier, all-Danish lineup, Team Dignitas, with their newfound purchasing power acquired in the form of NBA backing from the Philadelphia 76ers, have ventured into the turbulent waters of multinational lineups. The big reveal of the new lineup turned heads from all over the Counter-Strike scene due to the caliber of players involved, with history to match.

Team Dignitas has unveiled a new roster, consisting of players from all over Europe to represent the UK based organization. The players on the team will be familiar to many, with the team comprising of two Danes – Joakim “jkaem”Myrbostad and Ruben “RUBINO” Villarroel, with Faruk “pita” Pita, Mikail “Maikelele” Bill and Ricardo “fox” Pacheco, each hailing from a different home nation.

For many Counter-Strike fans, four of these players will have cemented themselves as household names, each enjoying spells with top tier teams across the European region, with only pita being an enigma for many newer fans, due to his tenure found within the coaching role over the last few years.

For many, the team may already sound like a solid unit, with good reason for thinking so after Maikelele, fox and jkaem played together under the G2 eSports banner, now reunited under the black and gold of Dignitas.

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“Team Dignitas is a powerhouse brand, now strengthened by the backing of the Philadelphia 76ers; we are extremely proud to represent their colours.

“We are eager to begin practicing with this new lineup, we’ve all known each other a long time and believe we will have good synergy.

“Through hard work and preparation we will do our best to live up to the expectations of our fans and become a top, international team.”

Ricardo “fox” Pacheco

The move to pick up a multinational team was expected from the Dignitas organization after being abruptly shut out of the Danish scene as of late, with huge football money coming from F.C Copenhagen in order to form North.

With the relatively new acquisition from the 76ers, this move from Dignitas is show off their new wad of cash in a big way. There’s no doubt this lineup came at a cost to the long-standing organization, both with ongoing salaries of top tier players and buyout fees of RUBINO and jkaem from North and FaZe, respectively.

Source: HLTV

The new lineup looks as though it is has the potential to be a top contender, although opinions on the matter are mixed, with concerns expressed about the tactical prowess of the appointed captain of fox and the fragging potential of pita. Time will tell whether or not the new lineup will impress, with a lack of top tier events taking place over the coming weeks, the new look Dignitas will be restricted to proving their worth in online tournaments.

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