Kidnapped Mexican Soccer Star Beats Captors Into Submission

What’d you do for Memorial Day weekend?

Because I bet Alan Pulido has a better story than you do…

The 25-year-old Mexican national team player, who plays his club ball with Greek powerhouse Olympiakos, was ambushed and taken captive by four armed gunman after a party Saturday night.

Less than 24 hours later, Pulido, who weighs a buck fifty soaking wet, found himself alone with one captor. Seeing his opportunity, he did what any self-respecting prisoner would do: he disarmed his gun-toting captor and proceeded to beat him unconscious while calling the cops and orchestrating his own rescue.

Given the state of affairs Tamaulipas, where Pulido was taken captive, he wasn’t in the clear after his first call to the police.


Tamaulipas has been plagued by drug violence and the police are not afraid to lay their murder game down to combat savagery of the cartels.

In his first call to police, Pulido tried to describe the location where he was being held.

He called back a second time to let the operator know that police had arrived outside the building and asked the operator to tell the police not to shoot him, as they had started shooting into the building where he was being held.

The operator suggested that Pulido fire the pistol he had taken off his captor to identify himself but it was out of bullets.

Pulido then made a third call to confirm that the police were, in fact, cops and not cartel-affiliated killers.

He was then rescued.


Questions still remain


Why did the four idiots who kidnapped Pulido leave him alone with one guard?

How was Pulido able to beat his pistol-wielding captor into submission so easily?

Perhaps we’ll never know…

But we do know one thing:

Pulido is not the one you want to try.

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