WATCH: Guy Goes Insane By Throwing Golf Balls At Car After Being Rejected

It’s absolutely insane to think that a guy would turn to throwing golf balls at a women’s car after being rejected, but that’s exactly what happened.

A woman in Australia alleges that a man started flirting with her on the highway by winking, waving and blowing kisses at her. She denied these advances, probably just trying to get wherever it was she was going to without being harassed.

The scorned man continued to drive alongside her, responding to the rejection by throwing golf balls in her direction. Apparently she was driving 100mph trying to get away from him.

Thankfully she got it all on tape and the guy was later arrested and charged with endangering the safety of a vehicle by throwing an object, as well as willful damage.

Shout out to this girl’s brother’s friend Keith who spread the word.

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