Bill Murray Gives Hilarious Interview About Betting On Jordan Spieth

Bill Murray and Jordan Spieth were partners at the pro-am before the Dean and Deluca Invitational yesterday.

They had nothing but kind words to say about each other but for Bill Murray those words always have a bit of humor to go along with them. There are two wonderful parts to this interview. ONE: Spieth being the humble man he is, saying that Murray’s words are scripted. TWO: When Murray said he mortgaged his house to bet on Spieth.

Jordan Spieth is always so intense and when your partner is Bill Murray you have to let loose a bit. He could definitely learn something from Murray’s demeanor on the golf course. Loosen up a bit, take a breather, have some fun.

Along with the jokes and easy going attitude, Bill Murray also knows how to swing a club.

The two are such a wonderful combo of personalities, no wonder they had so much fun together. I would totally want to get in on that twosome! Who wants to join me?

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