£17million United Player Following In Man City Midfielder’s Footsteps

Phil Jones is having a midlife crisis at the age 24, that can surely be the only reason for the Manchester United defender’s latest fashion statement.

The centre-back has opted to go for the bleach blonde hair look that hasn’t looked good on anyone since…well, ever.


The England international, whose blonde hair may well actually be a result of not handling the fact he’s not in France this summer, comes just a day after Arsenal and Wales midfielder, Aaron Ramsey, opted for the eyesore barnet, too.

My boy ❤️

A photo posted by Aaron Ramsey (@aaronramsey) on

What’s worse about the whole horrendous blonde hairdo is that both Rambo and Jonesy are following in the same fashion footsteps as Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri.

Time to leave the bleach blonde hair in the 90s with chaps who knew what they were doing, and start focusing on not being bang average footballers.

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