Have We Just Seen The Most Ibrahimovic Thing Ever?

This is Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s world and we are just lucky enough to be allowed in it.

The iconic striker was up to his usual shy and reserved tricks during a training session with Sweden ahead of their Euro 2016 campaign.

Fair play to I Am Zlatan, though, to manipulate and control a ball like that is an impressive feat; he’s an absolute geezer.

Currently a free-agent, the former Paris Saint-Germain striker has been, of course, teasing the media as to the whereabouts of his next destination. Manchester United were heavily linked prior to Jose Mourinho’s arrival, but with the Special One at the Old Trafford helm, the rumours have intensified.

“We worked together for one year at Inter. The feeling was great between us and my only regret is that we were together for only one year.”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan’s ego is a delicate thing, but if he takes the risk of potential failure in the Premier League, and manages to thrive, it will truly signify the former AC Milan striker as the greatest player of all-time. But we can discuss that another time.

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