WATCH: Neymar Has An Unlikely New Strike Partner

What is worse about Neymar and Justin Bieber doing keepie-uppies? Is it the fact JB is wearing an all white monstrosity like it’s no big deal? Or is it the fact that Neymar and Justin Bieber doing football ‘skills’ is even a thing?

Let’s go with both.

Must be a hard life for the two – as society leads me to believe – superstars. But I suppose when you sack off the Copa America for no good reason, and all your friends are away in America or France, doing what they get paid to do, you have to find other pals to hang out with.

Seriously, though, Neymar, surely it would’ve been worth pissing off Barcelona and playing in the USA for Brazil, rather than having to make idiots like me write about you and Justin Bieber having a kickabout? You can’t want that, mate; surely?

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