What The Bloody Hell Is Ronald Koeman Playing At?

This myth around Everton being a ‘big’ club – whatever the bloody hell that means(?) – and that the Toffees are something of a ‘sleeping giant’ waiting to wake up, is all a bit bizarre.

It seems to be a big club, you’ve basically got to have something of a vocal and loyal support, which then draws out the annoying cliches of:

“The fans deserve better than this”

Generic Sky Sports Pundit


“You won’t get a better fan base than this bunch behind us”

Another Walking Cliche Pundit

Everton fans are no better, or worse, than any other fan base. They aren’t better than the perceived to be quiet Arsenal fans, they aren’t more deserving than the Stoke City fans and they certainly don’t make Everton a ‘bigger’ or ‘better’ club than Southampton.

But that seems to be the only ‘logic’ people come up with when discussing Everton as a ‘big’ club. Go figure.

Whatever Koeman thinks he can achieve at Everton, he can comfortably achieve with the Saints. And given the current situations at both clubs, he can achieve it a lot quicker.

Everton are a team that resembles the Wigan Athletic team that Roberto Martinez left behind for Goodison Park; clueless, poorly put together and average. Whereas, Southampton, much like Leicester City, are a team that is well-drilled as a unit and yet play exciting, easy on the eye football.

The calls of ‘they’ve got Barkley, Lukaku and Stones; £125million worth of talent’ are all just a bit “yeah, and?!”

Ross Barkley is the definition of ‘flatters to deceive’; he really isn’t all that. John Stones is a decent English centre-back – there’s nothing to say he’s the next Rio Ferdinand/John Terry/Sol Campbell but there’s also nothing to say he isn’t – so why these near £50million bids happened, continues to baffle.

That leaves Big Romelu Lukaku who is off regardless of managerial movement this summer; he’s vocal in the press about an exit and has a decent enough goal record to warrant a move to an established European elite.

The Toffees may well get £50million+ for the Belgium international, but they aren’t an attractive proposition for players, so it really doesn’t matter how much they get because they won’t be able to reinvest into players of that calibre again. Liverpool couldn’t sign Alexis Sanchez because of location. That says it all.

I’m not saying you’d join Southampton over Everton as a player, but equally, you wouldn’t join Everton over Southampton. The clubs are on a level playing field.

Southampton weren’t meant to thrive under Mauricio Pochettino, they then weren’t meant to continue to grow when the now-Tottenham manager left. There comes a point where you have to commend the club rather than the manager.

Is Koeman a success of his surroundings, rather than his surroundings being a success because of him? I reckon so.

It may well be deemed a coup for the Merseyside club. However, Koeman, at best, will elevate the Toffees to a level where his current Southampton side are at. Talk about a sideways step for the Dutchman.

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