WATCH: Cheeky Defender Strips-Off Opponent’s Shorts To Win Liga MX Final

How far would you go to win a league or cup final? Would you go to any length to secure victory for your team, even go so far as to rob an opposing striker of his dignity? Well that’s exactly what one Pachuca defender was willing to do in the Liga MX title final.

With the aggregate score standing at 1-1 in the final, a goal either way could stand to win the game and ultimately the league title.

With Monterrey leading 1-0 against Pachuca in the Liga MX title final, a poor and mis-queued clearance from one Pachuca defender let the opposing striker in on goal. As the striker pulled away from his man, the Pachuca defender showed his resilience for the cause, reaching towards the forward’s waistband and tugging his shorts down to the ground.

The desperate attempt to prevent his team from conceding was a resounding success, upending the striker and inviting the referee’s whistle just in time to prevent a clear goalscoring opportunity. The last-ditch, hilarious effort saved his team from cup final defeat… though he did receive an instant red card.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Sporting a slightly sheepish expression, the Pachuca defender left the field with boos ringing in the stadium and the vibrant pink of the striker’s boxers still stinging his retinas.

The public stripping of his opponent was worth it though as Pachuca scored a 93rd minute winner to secure the Liga MX title – not a moment he will be proud of, but a championship medal he can boast for the rest of his career is no mean compensation.

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