BREAKING: FIFA’s Zurich Headquarters Raided By Swiss Authorities

FIFA and Sepp Blatter are a cesspool of corruption and sin.

The organization’s been a standing joke for years now.

It’s patriarch, Sepp Blatter, is rotten to the core.

Even though Blatter and his UEFA counterpart, Michel Platini, have been removed as heads of their respective organizations, the stink from their filthy dealings remains.

Earlier today, Swiss officials raided FIFA’s Zurich headquarters.

The fact that FIFA’s headquarters being raided AGAIN by police is par for the course is a testament to just how low the organization has sunk. It’s disgusting that we expect FIFA to be corrupt.

They’re supposed to be stewards of the beautiful game, not money grubbing bastards.

As fans, we deserve better.

I’m not sure how to reconcile the situation. The incestuous and secretive nature of FIFA means that replacing Blatter won’t change anything. Corruption is endemic and systemic. Institutionalized.

And that’s fucked.

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