Spelling Bee champ gets feisty with the Golf Channel after misspelling Tour player’s name

Scripps National Spelling Bee co-champion Jairam Hathwar is a huge golf fan, which caused the golfing world to go wild.

He had an interview with the Golf Channel where he had to spell the last names of some Tour golfers. As we all know, some of those last names are really hard to pronounce let alone spell.

He spelled Bryson DeChambeau perfectly and then got stumped with Ariya Jutanugarn from the LPGA. Instead of spelling Louis Oosthuizen, Hathwar got a bit feisty and told off the channel by saying that a spelling bee wouldn’t ask these types of words.

Clearly Oosthuizen is not in the Miriam Webster Dictionary.


Hathwar made his rounds through the media that day, making an appearance on Live with Kelly. They surprised him with a message from Jordan Spieth who Hathwar said was his source of inspiration. Jordan ended up inviting him to the Barclays which is pretty awesome. (Go to 2:15 for the message)

Just goes to show that anyone can be influenced by a golfer. Jordan Spieth is a great role model to have no matter who you are!

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