People Are Missing The Point Of Vardy To Arsenal

First off, let’s applaud the media for creating the 11:30am deadline for Jamie Vardy’s decision; they played an absolute blinder in creating this fanfare over ‘will he or won’t he?’.

The England international can quite easily have a medical and sign a contract whilst away in France with the Three Lions. I mean, despite all Roy Hodgson’s fighting talk PR nonsense…

‘But one thing this group of players know and have accepted is that when you are on England duty, you are on England duty. It is not a question of you sorting out your future, or diving off for medicals.”

…there’s not a hope in hell the mild-mannered, nice and too polite for his own good, Hodgson, will be putting his foot down should Vardy be like”

“One sec, geez; I’m just off to join Arsenal.”

Anyway, Vardy boarded the plane to France with England on Monday, with his future still very much up in the air, as he decides whether to leave the Premier League champions for a footballing elite. Does he stay and remain a Foxes hero or should he take the huge leap and risk it all? I’m sure the media have already got another made-up deadline for that decision?.

Vardy to Arsenal came straight out of left field, and was instantly met with the reactions of…

…and then followed by a lot of the usual anti-Wenger bullocks of…

…and then there was a lot of that pretending to know about football on social media, and discussions about how Jamie Vardy would fit in at Arsenal. Which seemed to usually end up with the opinion of…

But that’s just it, Jamie Vardy doesn’t suit Arsenal’s style of play, doesn’t suit the Arsenal mentality and that’s why the Leicester City striker is perfect for the Gunners.

It shows that Arsene Wenger is accepting that, no matter how beautiful it would be, you cannot win the league with this utopian football ideology.

Vardy is a player who plays right on the last defender, chases balls over the top, down the channels and is looking for that quick ball – no more slow, intricate build-up from the Gunners if Vardy is going to work.

The England international also adds that mental edge to an Arsenal side devoid of anger, determination and never-say-die attitude.

Wenger’s willingness to go for Vardy, whether or not he signs the 29-year-old, also confirms that this will be Le Professeur’s last season. The Arsenal manager said he knew 2012/2013 would be Sir Alex Ferguson’s final one following the signing of Robin van Persie from him in the summer; paying whatever it cost to win the league one final time, to go out on a high.

It appears Wenger is applying similar logic but, you have to worry if yet again, Wenger has missed the point a bit and really is just a manager long past his sell-by date.

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