The new golf series that will make you want to take your clothes off

“Shoot first, ask questions later.”

This is how the first episode of the series “Adventures in Golf” by Skratch TV starts out. It is taking golf by the balls and finding out what the people want to know; can golf be crazy or intriguing?

Documentary film maker Erik Anders Lang is traveling across the globe to discover the craziest stories in golf. The episodes range from Scotland adventures, where golf was created, to playing the game in the nude.

Golf is known by the masses as an upscale gentleman’s game where you rarely see fans or professionals having a raucous time save for the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale. This lends to the reputation that golf is boring, which is not a great way to bring in new people to the sport.

source: twitter
Source: Twitter

Although this view may not be changing soon, it’s a wonderful thing when golf lovers try to bring another element to the game. That’s what we are all about and I believe this Youtube series is trying to accomplish the same goal. Throw in some crazy, a dash of intrigue, and you’ve already done more than half the staff at the USGA.

We need to move past the old round table and welcome the new party.

Find the full series on the Skratch TV Youtube channel.

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