The Jamie Vardy Fairy Tale Is Over…His Decision Is Made


The transfer saga of the summer has arrived and, rather fittingly, it is Jamie Vardy at the centre of it. Leicester City’s foul-mouthed, centre forward was the defining player of last season and is still at the centre of every headline with Euro 2016 fast approaching.

Vardy headed off to France with his international teammates today as a Leicester City player, but it looks as though a move to Arsenal could be just a matter of days away, despite the Foxes moving in with a new contract offer of their own.

The idea of Vardy moving to the Emirates Stadium has been met with revulsion by many, but it’s hard to understand why. It’s a move that makes perfect sense for both player and club.

Furious Twitter user CJ summed up the main complaint, which, as always seems to be the case when a player moves clubs, it’s just those dollar signs in his eyes.

The idea that only footballers like to earn more money has always been a stupid one, but hurling shit at Jamie Vardy for considering his financial situation flies in the face of the fairytale that everyone has built around him.

The fact that Vardy has spent significant time playing in non-league football with Stocksbridge Park Steels and Fleetwood Town means that a bigger wage will be all the important to him – he is not an example of a modern footballer who is already set for life. He hasn’t been paid five figure sums each week since he was a teenager.

Newly married and with a young family, Vardy would be out of his mind not to consider the offer of his wages being doubled. Leicester City seem to have realised this, with reports of a juicy new deal on the negotiating table from them.

Does this look like a man ready to turn down £120,000 a week?

Source: PA
Source: PA

The other argument against Vardy’s departure is summed up by Harry and pretty much consists of Arsenal never winning any trophies.

Reality, of course, says that Arsenal have still won more major trophies in the last three years than Leicester City have in their entire history.

As fantastic as the Foxes were in 2015/16, history tells us that it is likely to be the pinnacle of achievement for this team. As a player coming towards the latter years of his career, it is hard to blame Vardy for looking at where he might add an FA Cup medal to his collection, or make an impact on the Champions League.

The truth is that he still has far more chance of further glory at Arsenal, despite their annual failure to live up to the potential of the club and the squad. The competitive instinct that has dragged Vardy this far is sure to make him believe that he is the man to end their woes.

Moving to one of the country’s footballing superpowers because of the desire to earn more money and win more medals might not be the romantic choice for the ending to the Jamie Vardy story, but it is the sensible one. This is still football, not Hollywood.

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