Clint Dempsey’s Time Is Up With USMNT

Ethan Tait

The USMNT was embarrassed by a subpar Colombian side in their first game of the Copa América Centenario.

We looked tame, uninspired, and about as threatening as my golf game.

What was the problem?


Leading up into the tournament, we played well against Ecuador and showed up against Puerto Rico and Bolivia.

We had a good week, but preparation is not the problem. The main issues with the side are Jürgen Klinsmann’s personnel and the fact that Clint Dempsey is on the pitch.

Dempsey’s display against Colombia was pitiful. He did arguably have the best chance of the night for the US when his left footed strike went wide late in the first half, but that was the extent of his contributions.

He’s simply not good enough to be slacking off on his defensive duties, especially when we’re down 2-0. We need youth and players that want to play for each other, not someone who’s still in Donovan’s shadow.

At 33, Dempsey is no longer a spring chicken and his best days are behind him as a footballer, so why can’t we move on?

Klinsmann faced public backlash when he omitted Donovan from the World Cup roster in 2014 and I believe he is afraid of receiving the same damnation and a possible flogging if he did the same with Dempsey.


We need a fearless coach


Someone who is willing to sit a player down, no matter the on the name on the  jersey, when they are rubbish and impacting the squad in a negative way.

Another eyesore on Friday night was the first touch of Jermaine Jones, another stalwart of the old regime.

When he wasn’t overcomplicating play and losing the ball in transition, his first touch was letting him (and the country) down.

His performance was sloppy and disappointing for a player who has had a brilliant start to the MLS season.

Serious changes need to be made if we’re going to have a chance at progressing into the knockout stage.


The old regime is dead and gone


Dempsey, please find your seat.

It’s Bobby Wood’s turn.

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